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"When solo artist Mari Mana takes her guitar and opens up her soul to the Berlin club scene, silent intimacy fills the

room. Her music doesn’t require loud tunes; it captivates you before you have a chance to possibly resist. With her bluesy voice, she enchants with stunningly gorgeous, lyrically rich, romantic and thoughtfully executed ballads. Perfect, harmonic and yet different to what one may expect from the genre. Formidably distinctive."
(Tatjana Jakob, Sound-designer)

“Hailed as one of the rising stars of recent times, Berlin-based singer-songwriter Mari Mana’s got soul in her voice...” (popmonitor, taper jean girl, popmonitor)

“A vocal range that causes more than just goosebumps. Touching music. Distinctively original.” (Fusion Festival)




Upcoming Concerts:

24. Juni, 2022  /// Weißwasser
"Tempelglühen - Mittsommerfest im Neufertgarten"
Neufert-Bau (Garten auf der Rückseite),
Dr.-Altmann-Str. 2a, 02943 Weißwasser
18:00 Uhr

25. Juni, 2022  /// Lychen
"Altes Kino"
Kirchstraße 3a, 17279 Lychen
20:30 Uhr

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